Mutapova Street 7, Belgrade

The GREEN SQUARE business building is a luxury facility of exceptional quality. It is located in a unique location in Belgrade’s Vracar municipality. GREEN SQUARE was built to the highest standards of A+ office buildings class. It is equipped with innovative technology that takes care of nature conservation and provides maximum comfort to clients with the highest standard of business.

The GREEN SQUARE business building is located in the heart of Vracar on the corner of Bore Stankovica and Mutapova streets near St. Sava Temple. The location belongs to the city centre and it is 5 minutes away from the main traffic corridors. The very location of the building gives the tenant a comfortable ambience and a quiet environment in the heart of the city.

The building has 5 usable floors of office space, ground floor (entrance hall and outlet) and 3 underground floors intended for parking with a total of 46 parking spaces. The base of the standard floor is approximately 590m2. The entire office space, whether left in the open space system or divided into separate offices according to the tenant's needs, will provide the option to individually adjust the temperature in each area. The building is protected with both physical and technical security and video surveillance 24/7.

Mutapova 7, Belgarde



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