Braće Baruh Street 26, Belgrade

Mia Dorćol is a luxury facility of exceptional quality in the heart of the city - Lower Dorćol. It is equipped with innovative technology that takes care of nature conservation and provides maximum comfort to clients. Based on certain standards, Mia Dorćol is classified into facilities built to the highest A+ class standards, i.e. facilities with the lowest energy consumption that use soil energy via geothermal probes.

The building has nine floors. Six usable floors for rent, ground floor (hall - reception and two outlets) and two underground floors intended for a garage with a total of 26 parking spaces. The surface of the standard floor is approximately 400m2. The entire floor can be divided into two approximately equal parts or it can remain a unique space. Further, the space can be organised according to clients' needs as open space or can be divided into offices. All windows except the corners of the building can be opened normally so that natural ventilation of the space is enabled at all times. On each floor there are 4 decking terraces where you can spend your breaks.

The interior of the Mia Dorćol business building is inspired by Dorćol's former industrial and commercial area. Thus, natural concrete, dark brick, massive black stone, rust, etc. are prevalent. The walls are treated with a special technique to further achieve the desired raw effect. What contributes to the special atmosphere of the building is the greenery, both on the facade and inside the building. Clients would be free to organise the interior of their offices themselves with suggestions from our architects if necessary.

Braće Baruh Street 26, Belgrade

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