About Us

GRANIT INVEST is a highly professional, dynamic and efficient company for the construction of luxury commercial and residential buildings in quality locations. The extensive expertise and experience of our engineers and technicians who monitor and apply new knowledge and achievements of construction technology and materials allows us to fully meet the needs and requirements of customers.

What makes us different?

  • Use of the highest quality construction materials;
  • Guarantee to the customer on quality performed works and installed material;
  • Many years of successful cooperation with permanent subcontractors;
  • Twenty-five years of cooperation with foreign partners;
  • Monitoring and application of new achievements of construction technologies;
  • World standards of quality of performed works and services;
  • Ongoing market analysis and marketing development;
  • Adherence to agreed deadlines;
  • Construction in accordance with existing conditions, regulations and standards;
  • Own engineering that manages the licenses of all persons of construction;
  • Derecognition of each constructed facility;
  • Turnkey construction;
  • Research of quality locations - infrastructurally equipped;
  • Excellent reputation and top recommendation.


GRANIT INVEST was registered at the beginning of 1998, but it has been present in Serbian construction since 1980, first as a craft and construction shop. Over time, we grew into the construction company GRANIT, which operated as a construction and trade in construction materials (stone, ceramics, sanitary ware, etc.). With the further distribution of this co-ownership company, organizational transformation and expansion of activities, GRANIT INVEST was created.

Subcontractors as part of a team

A special feature of our work is the long-term successful cooperation with permanent subcontractors of craft and finishing works, who divided the shares of GRANIT INVEST. This way of doing business allows us not to increase the number of employees, but to achieve the maximum quality of work performed. Professional work has built a strong interconnection between business partners and us.

Professional work team

The main advantage of GRANIT INVEST, in relation to the competition on the market of our products, is our professional work team. We are smaller, better organized and function as a very well-coordinated, coherent team. We constantly motivate, continuously professionally improve, improve the standards and social security of our employees.


We have been successfully building luxury and modern office and residential buildings for 30 years.