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Residential buildings

Buying an apartment is a matter of personal choices, wishes, and means. By bying an apartment from Granit Invest you can solve your living situation or make a good investment. What we offer is a transparent list of apartments, because we use materials and technologies of the highest quality. Therefore, the quality of the apartment itself is measurable. All our buildings record a constant increase in prices, even after 10 years.

The residential building is located in Celopecka street, 100m away from the Vukov spomenik park and a public garage, and 150m away from the King Aleksandar Boulevard and Ruzveltova street, situating the building right in the inner city center, while protecting it from city noise coming from these two big roads.

Easi Side is a residential complex, perfectly tucked in, offering its residents tranquility and safety. On the other hand, it is close to the Kind Alexander Boulevard and Ustanicka street, thereby providing great connection to other parts of the city, as well as with the E-75 highway. Just a few minutes away from the complex there is also a bus and tram turntable.