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Residential buildings

Buying an apartment is a matter of personal preference, desires, and resources. Purchasing an apartment from Granit Invest can give you a home to live in or help you make a good investment. We are offering a transparent list of apartments made using the top-quality materials and technologies. Hence, the quality of construction is impeccable. All our real-estate record a continual increase in value, even after 10 years.
This residential building is located in Čelopečka Street, only 100 m away from the Monument to Vuk Karadžić and a public garage, and 150 m away from the King Aleksandar Boulevard and Ruzveltova Street. So, the building is basically situated in the very center of the city, but secluded from the crowd and noise coming from the two boulevards.
A perfectly secluded residential complex East Side offers its residents safety and tranquility. Then again, the close proximity to the King Alexander Boulevard and Ustanička Street provides a great connection to the other parts of the city, and to the E-75 highway. Moreover, a bus and tram turntable is just minutes away.